Must Have Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portrait near Toledo, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography

Every girl dreams of her wedding day: her dress, her flowers, her spouse, but what about her bridal portraits?

Wedding days can be hectic and often the bride and groom only set time aside for family photos, bridal party photos, and for photos of the new Mr. and Mrs. together, but they tend to forget to set time aside for some of the most important photos of the day: bridal and groom portraits.

Portraits of the bride by herself and the groom by himself are must haves for any wedding day. Many people think that the bride only needs one photo of herself… which is definitely not true. There are several must have photos that every bride needs. In this blog, we will discuss three of these must-have bridal portraits.

1. Full Length Bridal Portrait

Full Length Bridal Portrait  in Warren, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography

A full length photo of your dress is a must-have shot! Every bride has dreamed about her wedding dress and most of us, not all, but most of us spent a lot of time trying on dresses to find the perfect one, so why would you not want a full length shot of your dress?

Take some fun photos with your dress, like this bride who played with her dress before her ceremony. Twirl around and let your dress fly (it’s a great way to get air moving on a hot day… just saying).

Bride playing with her dress near Canton, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography

When you are taking a full-length bridal portrait, don’t forget to take a photo of the back of your dress, especially if it has a beautiful train.

Train of a bridal gown in the woods at Country Cottage and Gardens in Mineral City, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography

Candid moments can sometime turn into beautiful bridal portraits.. like this one.


Bride right before she walks down the aisle at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography

If time allows, have some fun. Go check your beautiful self out in a mirror… and let us capture that moment… please and thank you.


Bride looking at herself in a mirror near Toledo, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography


2. Close-up Portrait

Show off your beautiful face, by taking a close-up portrait on your wedding day.

Beautiful Bride before her wedding day in Youngstown, OH. © Jenna McCarty Photography

You’ve spent months, years, decades dreaming of being a beautiful bride. Don’t forget to take a close-up portrait on your wedding day! For most of us, getting our hair and make-up professionally done is not something that we do everyday. Make sure you get a close-up of your hair and make-up. Treat yourself and don’t forget to take a close-up!

Beautiful Bridal Portrait on her wedding day near Carrolton, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography

Some of my favorite bridal portraits are not the usual bridal portraits. I love when brides look down and show off their beautiful eye make-up.

Bridal make-up near Canton, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography

Some of the best bridal portraits that I have ever taken involved natural light coming in through a window. There is nothing as beautiful as natural window light.

Brides always ask me where they should take bridal portraits.
My answer: by a big window.
Why? See below.


Bridal Portrait by a window in Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography



3. Getting Ready

Bride applying her lipstick on her wedding day  near Toledo, Ohio © Jenna McCarty Photography

Not all brides like the getting ready photos, but I think that they are an essential part to your wedding day. You didn’t roll out of bed, throw on your wedding dress and walk down the aisle. You spent time hanging out with your closest friends and family and spent hours getting ready.

Why not capture a part of that day? Your photographer doesn’t need to be there for the entire getting ready segment of your day, but why not have them capture a few photos of you and the girls getting ready.

Bride and her bridesmaids hanging out before getting ready in Akron, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography

While you are getting ready, don’t forget to get a photo with your make-up artist and hair stylist. They are an important person on your wedding day, as they make you and your girls look stunning.


Bride getting her make-up professionally done on her wedding day in Cortland, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography


Also, if possible, hang up your dress near where you are getting your makeup and hair done, so you can have a beautiful photo like these ones.

Bride putting her makeup at Skyland Pines Golf Course in Canton, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography


Bride getting her make-up done in Warren, Ohio. © Jenna McCarty Photography

Wedding days can be hectic, but these are three must have bridal portraits for any wedding day. Make sure you include some time for them in your wedding day timeline.

An experienced wedding photographer (like me) doesn’t need a ton of time to take beautiful bridal portraits, but we are not timelords (sorry Dr. Who fan here…) and we cannot create time  where it doesn’t exist. Always leave your photographer a little breathing room to make beautiful portraits when planning your wedding day timeline. It is always best to consult your wedding photographer to see how much time they recommend. Happy and not stressed photographer = happy and not stressed bride.


Jenna, your wedding photographer (and every other wedding photographer out there… let’s be honest).





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