Are you feeling bouquet?

Bridal bouquets are amongst my favorite things to photograph. I mean… what girl doesn’t love flowers? Especially bridal bouquets… they are always so gorgeous.

In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite bridal bouquets from 2017 (and I promise I will limit the puns).

Ring on Flowers


This first bridal bouquet was designed by PMG Chocolatier. It featured pink and white roses, and hydrangeas.

Bridal Bouquet by PMG Chocolatiers.

This next bouquet was so colorful! It was designed by Art N Flowers in Garrettsville, Ohio and features green and blue hydrangeas, pink calla lilies, and purple asters.

Haney Wedding May 27 2017-55-2
Bridal Bouquet designed by Art N Flowers.

I love crafty brides. The bride made the bouquet herself with wooden flowers.

Wooden flowers made by Becky Robertson.

I love wildflowers, especially in bridal bouquets. This bouquet was made by Flowerville in University Heights, Ohio. It features sunflowers, roses, asters, and irises.

Wildflower bouquet made by Flowerville.

This bride elected for more natural colors for her wedding in the woods. This bouquet was designed by C & C Ribbon Company and features alstroemeria and tree fern.

Bridal bouquet made by C & C Ribbon Company

I love fall colors, especially fall bouquets. This next one was designed by Dew Drop Flower Shoppe and features sunflowers, orange and white roses and burlap.

Fall bridal bouquet by Dew Drop Flower Shoppe.

Red roses are timeless. I love this bouquet made by Green’s Floral Shop in Hubbard, Ohio. It features red and white roses.

Bridal Bouquet by Green’s Floral Shop.

This next bouquet is very purple (which is my favorite color… just saying.) It was designed by Bouquet’s by Becky and features wax flowers, purple hydrangeas and stock.

Bridal Bouquet by Bouquets by Becky.

Choosing the right florist for your wedding day can be a challenge, but I hope that seeing some of my favorite bridal bouquets from 2017 will help.





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