Love and Lattes: Nikki and Ricky’s Engagement Session at Stone Fruit Coffee Company in Boardman, Ohio


Nikki and Ricky’s Engagement Session at Stone Fruit Coffee Company in Boardman, Ohio.

Nikki and Ricky first met at the gym over 8 months ago. They spent the first months of their relationship writing letters back and forth to one another. They love going out for coffee (at Stone Fruit) and just talking. They also love working out together, which again explains how they met. They also love writing sweet love letters to one another.


Ricky playing his guitar while Nicole listens.

Things that she loves about him:

  • He is super passionate about the things he loves most in life – music, church, family, and her.
  • Patient when it comes to dealing with her anxiety.
  • His heart when it comes to people and his love for helping them.
  • Love that he is a goof ball and let’s her just be her.
  • Love his heart for God.
Ricky looking at Nicole while she reads a letter that she wrote to him.

Things that he loves about her:

  • He loves that he can trust her.
  • How mindful she is about him – always thinking about him and wanting to include him in everything, making it about us not just her.
  • He loves how beautiful she is.
  • He loves that all her quirks seem to match up with his.
  • Her morals and his faith.


So how did he propose? He proposed on Christmas Eve, at this trail of lights that they went to.  She was totally surprised because it happened when he was having her sister take pictures of them.

We cannot wait to celebrate with this wonderful couple, their families, and their friends. June 1st, 2018 cannot come soon enough.




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