Kayla and Jacob’s Engagement Session in Mill Creek Parks in Youngstown, OH

Kayla and Jacob during their spring engagement session in Fellows Riverside Gardens in Youngstown.

I first met Kayla and Jacob a few years ago when Jacob was a student in my French class… so it is pretty awesome that I will be able to capture their wedding day this September. Kayla and Jacob first met at Warren G. Harding. They had a class together and parked next to one another. She would tease him to take her for coffee and he finally did! They spent all of his senior year parking next to each other and trying to catch the other before they walked to the car. Jacob will say that she parked next to him, but he definitely parked next to her. They’ve been together for 4.5 years all starting from a coffee date at Dunkin’.


So how did he propose? Jacob proposed to her on Christmas morning in 2016. She felt like he was going to propose so she asked if he was going to and he said no… so she was little heart broken secretly. Then on Christmas morning, he gave her a present which wrapped was the size of a crockpot so she thought it was a crockpot. When she opened it, she found two packs of paper to weight the box down and then another box. Eight boxes later, they finally got to the ring, and he proposed to her in front of her family, it is her favorite memory. Also funny fact, Kayla told Jacob, the day before Christmas Eve, how she thought opening a bunch of boxes for your present seemed to be so cool, and he pretended like he’d never heard of it.


I always love to ask my couples what they love best about each other.

Here is Jacob’s response:

I love her smile it just lights up a room. I also love her great looks. She is very funny making everyone laugh. She is very caring always thinking about me. She will blow my phone up and even though it gets on my nerves I do like it. She does so much for me by cooking keeping the house clean and so much more.

Here is Kayla’s response:

I love the way Jacob makes the best out of any situation. He can always brighten my day with his dorky jokes and made-up songs. Hahah I love most when he’s goofy just to cheer me up after a crappy day at work. I can see how he brings out my best qualities. Jacob is my best friend I love all the little things, most of all how he never thought I was crazy when I was clearly crazy about him from the beginning.

We cannot wait to celebrate with them, their friends, and their families this September!!!



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