Kelly and Brian’s Engagement Session in Lakewood, OH


Brian and Kelly at Lakewood Park in Lakewood, OH

I feel like I say this after every engagement session but we have the best couples! We are extremely blessed to get to hang out with some awesome couples every weekend. We laughed our way through Kelly and Brian’s engagement session… which you will be able to see in the photos.  The morning of their engagement session, we were supposed to meet at Edgewater Park, but (un)fortunately, we were not able to get to the park due a marathon in Cleveland that day. Luckily, I remembered Lakewood Park from another engagement session, so we changed locations and had an amazing time.


Kelly and Brian first met on OkCupid four years ago while they were both living in California. Kelly is originally from Ohio and Brian is originally from the Chicago area but luckily they were in the Bay Area at the same time to meet because they are perfect together.


Their first date was at a bar in Sunnyvale, CA. They instantly connected about being from the Midwest, drank beers, split a fish and chips, and had a good time. They enjoy watching sports (especially baseball), animals (they have two cats and one dog), and binge watching old sitcoms on Hulu.

So how did he propose? He asked her at home, just the two of them, which is exactly how they both wanted it.


I always ask my couples what they love about each other.

Here is what Kelly loves about Brian:

  • He has the most infectious laugh! Even during the roughest of rough days, he manages to make me laugh. Brian also does little things for me when I don’t ask him to. Like, the tiniest things like switching my laundry from the washer to the dryer, bringing me a glass of water at bedtime, and getting my favorite snack at the grocery store… it’s just simple sincere acts of service that make me feel cared for. I feel so honored to be able to spend forever with him.

Here is what Brian loves about Kelly:

  • She is supportive when I need it most.  Kelly always knows the right thing to say when I am doubting myself or my abilities, and she is able to make me see the bright side of any situation. Kelly and I are a team and with her there is never any doubt in my mind that we can accomplish our goals and handle anything that life throws at us.

I cannot wait to celebrate with them this August as they say their vows in front of their close family and friends.




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