They waited 40 years to find their best friend… Tammy and Tim’s Engagement Session in Kent, OH


Tammy and Tim during their engagement session in Kent, Ohio.

Tammy and Tim were introduced by a mutual friend at a nearby Applebees right before Valentine’s Day in 2015. Their first date consisted of meeting for coffee at a Starbucks in Stow.


They enjoy bike riding and traveling together and have visited Florida, South Carolina, New York City, Maryland, Washington DC (X2), New Orleans and the Bahamas since they have been together.  They love to spend time in their backyard laying in the pool.


How did he propose?

They were in Charleston, SC and Tim asked the boys if they were ok if he asked their mom is he could propose to her. They had dinner a couple of nights later and the boys and Tim knew it was going to happen. Naturally, Tammy had no idea.  The boys went fishing on the dock and Tim took Tammy on a  drive on Folly Beach to see the sunset.  He parked the car and they got out to watch it. Tammy was more worried about their car getting towed and Tim was more worried about asking her.  He shocked her by proposing in front of a beautiful sunset.


So what does he love about her?

“This space is too small for everything, but I love how much this woman cares for everyone around her, even people she just meets. She has a huge heart.  She works so hard for everything she has & is incredibly smart.  Her smile lights up a room, I can’t stop staring at her eyes &  her laugh is amazing.  From the moment I met her I always felt comfortable around her, like someone I’ve know for a lifetime.  She loves me for who I am & lets me be myself.  She makes me want to be a better person.  Its all the little things that she does that I remember & want to be around…forever!”- Tim


What does she love about him?

“So many things, I love that he takes care of me.  I now know that I am not alone and love him so much for that.  He is a great father to not only his two children but my own boys as well.  Tim has the best smile and the biggest heart I have ever experienced.  He makes me smile everyday and I never knew love could be this wonderful.” – Tammy


Their favorite saying is “We waited 4o years to find our best friend” and from the time that we’ve spent with them, I can see why.

We cannot wait to celebrate with them this December.





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