Kailey & Austin’s Engagement Session at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio


Kailey and Austin met during their senior year at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.  They quickly became friends and started dating January 2017. A little over a year later, they got engaged on March 3rd, 2018.


Together, they love to go hiking, biking, taking pictures, watching movies, being creative, and helping each other strengthen their faith.


So how did he propose?


Austin made a day out of his proposal.  She had a feeling it was coming because they had conversations about getting married and when.  Furthermore, she hadn’t been to his house since before Christmas and the weekend was going to be beautiful.  Austin lives in Mohican Country so if it is a nice day, they usually like to spend it outside and most likely in the State Park.  That morning Austin asked her if she wanted to go on a hike so they got ready and headed out for the day.  First, they hiked to the falls within the park and then they got lunch at the lodge.  She knew that Austin would most likely propose at his favorite spot in the State Park, Vista Point.  They were leaving the lodge with the intention to leave the park to go get milkshakes…  She knew that if he randomly said “Hey, let’s go to my favorite spot” that he would proposed and that she wouldn’t be able to keep her excitement inside… sooooo… instead she said “Hey! Let’s go to your favorite spot!”… Austin of course thought it was a great idea so off they went.  When they got there, they walked to where the trees parted to reveal the gorge.  They stood there holding hands and gazed out… next thing that she knew Austin was pulling her backwards (centering himself), grabbed her other hand and got down on one knee!  He held her hands and professed his love to her, pulled out the most beautiful ring that she had ever seen, and asked her to be his Partner for Life! Of course, she said yes, cried, and he continued to tell her how much he loves her.  It was absolutely unforgettable.  Later he had said that his plan was to randomly just suggest that they go to his favorite spot and was thankful that she asked instead.


So what does he love about her?

I think Kailey is such a unique girl. Right away, I noticed how selfless she was. She consistently puts others ahead of herself. This characteristic is very, very rare. On top of that she is such a fun, spontaneous girl. I never have a dull moment with her, and her humor is a huge plus. She is my second half, in areas where I lack she is always there to make me a more balanced person. She is the extrovert to my introvert, she is my  listener to my talker. Without a doubt she makes me a more complete person. Her constant drive to inspire and push me makes me inspired to do more than I think I am capable of.  We have so many hobbies we love to do together as well . Whether it is photography, painting, hammocking, playing sports, or gardening she makes those moments that I enjoy even more special. Very patient, listener, passionate, considerate, reasonable, mature, and independent are good words to describe her.


What does she love about him?

Austin is everything that I have ever wanted in a boyfriend AND MORE.  I knew I wanted someone who Loved God and wanted Him to be at the center of our relationship as well as being athletic, smart, kind, a go getter,  hard worker, and of course a good communicator.  Austin is all of those things and so much more.  Throughout our relationship I have been pleasantly surprised to find how fun loving and silly he his.  Austin makes me laugh every day and I couldn’t be more thankful for him and his willingness to just be himself and love me so well.  He is my big bear (Papa Bear lol), my protector, my Best Friend, my love… and I love so much about him.


We cannot wait to celebrate with these two, their families and their friends on October 7th, 2018!

If you’re new to our blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Jenna McCarty of Jenna McCarty Photography and I work with my husband, Andrew McCarty, to capture weddings all over Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We love weddings and believe in the beauty and magic of marriage. We enjoy getting to know our couples, their families, and their friends. If you would like more information about our wedding photography services, please contact us.

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