Kristin and Sean’s Spring Engagement in Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio

Not that every engagement session isn’t special, but this one was especially special to me. I have known Kristin for the past seven years through my day job as a French Teacher. Kristin is a Spanish teacher at my school and we’ve become besties over the past seven years, including a few trips to Europe together. So you can imagine how special this session was to me.

Kristin and Sean first met at the Diet Doc in North Jackson when they both were there for a workout session. They were both interested in each other but it took them a few workout sessions before Sean asked Kristin out on a date and the rest was history.

So how did he propose?

On February 15th, 2018, Kristin had an appointment after work for a workout session. She walked in and much to her surprise, their song was playing over the speakers which was odd because it is a gym after all and their song is a slow song. Then she looked around and saw Sean. He wasn’t supposed to be there as he didn’t have an appointment. Then, with the help of their friend and trainer, Henry, Sean asked Kristin to marry him.

They are getting married on December 28th, 2019 in Youngstown, Ohio (where I will be the Matron of Honor and not the photographer… like Andrew can keep me from taking photos lol).

Here’s a few more photos from their engagement session at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio:

If you’re new to our blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Jenna McCarty of Jenna McCarty Photography. I work alongside my wonderful husband, Andrew McCarty, to capture weddings all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. We love weddings and believe in the beauty of marriage. We enjoy getting to know our couples, their families, and their friends. If you would like more information about our wedding photography services, please contact us.

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