Tori and Josh’s Engagement Session at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio

Tori and Josh first met through mutual friends. The first time, they met was at a game night where both of their competitive spirits came out. They got to know each each more while both participating in YSUrvivor, a student club at YSU that simulates the TV show, Survivor. During a vacation to the Adirondack Mountains with their friends, they admitted their true feelings for each other.

Their first official date was at Geneva on the Lake.

Together, they love playing board games/having games nights, going on walks with their dog, Fresno, going on vacations, going to country concerts, and watching movies.

So how did he propose?

While they were on vacation in Florida, Josh surprised Tori with a proposal on the beach at sunset on Sanibel Island. The day was an adventure that took visiting 3 beaches to find the perfect one, there were almost 2 car accidents along the way, and there was about 1 minute to spare of sunset, but it all ended up working out.

So what does he love most about her?

As cliche as it is, I love everything about her. I honestly have no idea how I got so lucky with her because she is more than I ever could have imagined. She’s my rock that I can always lean on and my biggest supporter. She constantly motivates me and encourages me to be the best person I can be, never letting me forget that the sky is the limit. She’s able to bring out the positive in even the worst situations and no matter how pessimistic I can be, she finds a way to make me feel better – her optimism is truly inspiring. One of the things that originally made me fall in love with her is her concern and care for others. She goes to great lengths to understand multiple perspectives, put herself in others’ shoes, and has researched things she didn’t understand or hadn’t faced just to be able to try and fix it. Besides how gorgeous she is, her competitive nature was the first thing that stuck out to me when we first met during a game night and has continued to be one of my favorite things about her (even though that competitive nature led to her orchestration of voting me out of YSUrvivor). I think the competitive nature in both of us has lead us to constantly try to better ourselves as a team and strive for greatness as partners.

And what does she love about him?

I love his ability to constantly make me laugh. He is definitely the funniest person I know. I love how he supports me in everything that I do and I love that I’ve always been able to be myself around him. Josh is such a hardworking, caring, silly, outgoing, smart, and handsome man. He makes me a better person and I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anybody else. He is always willing to go above and beyond for our relationship and he makes me feel so loved all the time. He is such a self-less person and is always looking for ways to make my life easier. I love that no matter what we’re doing, we always have fun and laugh together. I have never met someone who is so similar to myself. Josh is my best friend and I’m so lucky to be his future wife.

They will say their “I do’s” in front of their family and friends June 6, 2020. We cannot wait to celebrate with them! Here’s a few more photos from their engagement session:

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One thought on “Tori and Josh’s Engagement Session at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. This has just brought tears to my eyes! I am litterly crying right now. The blog & pictures of Tori & Josh are just amazing. They are a BEAUTIFUL couple! ❤️ I can’t wait for the Big Day! Tori’s grandma! 😢😥


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