Amy and Anthony’s Engagement Session in downtown Warren, Ohio

I can say this with 100% certainty, Amy and Anthony are the cutest and goofiest couple ever.

Their engagement session was the first time that I met Amy and Anthony as they live in Arizona but it felt like we all have been friends for years.

As they are not from our area, they trusted me with their location. Their only requirement was that we had to go to a baseball field. I immediately knew where we wanted to go: Perkins Park and the areas around it.

But that’s enough about the location… let’s talk about Amy and Anthony. They first met at work and have been together for almost 2.5 years.

So how did he propose? Here is their proposal story told by Amy:

In the moment, it wasn’t planned or expected. Anthony was nervous but couldn’t quit put my finger on why, until he got down on one knee, said the most sweetest things, trying so hard to get the words out but really just stumbling over his words, when he reached for my hand, and with his other hand presented my ring and asked me to marry him. It wasn’t what he said, rather how he looked. So nervous, excited, scared and in love. A moment I keep with me always.

I told you that they are the cutest couple ever!

So what does Anthony love about her?

Her heart. How deeply, irrevocably and undeniably in love she is with me. In her I see my future, my dreams and I can accomplish anything with her love. When I need peace, her arms provide me such, when I need encouragement, her hugs give me motivation. Without her I am nothing.

And what does Amy love about him?

The way he lives. The integrity he has, the way he treats others with respect and kindness even if he is given none. He makes me want to be a better person. But why I fell in love with him is because he made me feel secure and safe for the first time in my entire life and was my strength when I had none, carried me when I could no longer stand, loved me harder when I felt nothing and then brought me back to life. His devotion, loyalty, honesty and love have healed my broken pieces yet he never asks more of me. He deserves the universe, yet settled for little ol’ me and I am forever grateful.

They are getting married September 12th, 2020. We cannot wait to celebrate with them, their families, and their friends. Here’s a few more photos from their engagement session:

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