Caitlin and Bill Are Getting Married! 04/30/2016

Caitlin and Bill are getting married in one week!! After years of dating and years of planning, they will officially become husband and wife next week!!!

Caitlin and Bill first met online at Bill had messaged her for a few weeks before she decided to message him back. You see, Caitlin had a beautiful baby girl and was not sure if she really wanted to get into another relationship at that time, but luckily, she decided to  message him back and go on a date. Their first date was the typical American date, dinner and a movie. They saw “Zombieland” and went to Applebees for dinner. Who would have known, at that time, that Bill would become such a great father to Emily and the man that Caitlin would choose to build a life with?

I asked them what they love about one another. Here are their responses:

Bill said that he loves her crazy personality and that she makes him laugh.

Caitlin said that loving him was a no brainer. She loves his personality and the love that he has for her daughter and herself. He makes her laugh and he is her best friend.

I have known Caitlin since middle school and I can honestly say that I have never seen Caitlin so happy. I am so happy for both of them to have found one another and I cannot wait until the big day! One week left to go! #mrandmrsdamaska

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